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I'm a core developer with The Horde Project and a founding parter of Horde LLC - the company behind the world's most flexible groupware platform. This is my personal blog full of random thoughts about development and life in general.
March 28, 2010

Initial support for ActiveSync added to git master

Work on ActiveSync support for Horde has reached a milestone of sorts. The initial codebase has been merged into the master branch of our Git repository.

The work is not yet production-ready, but has shown to be fairly usable on the devices I am able to test with. There are some basic instructions and other information available on the ActiveSync wiki page.

If you feel adventurous, please feel free to try it out - just please make sure to back up all your data first! If you are able to test on a device not already listed in the wiki, please drop us a note on the dev@lists.horde.org  mailing list so we know how things went.