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I'm a core developer with The Horde Project and a founding parter of Horde LLC - the company behind the world's most flexible groupware platform. This is my personal blog full of random thoughts about development and life in general.
March 23, 2011

Personal Roadmap

With the release of the first RCs for Horde 4 and the final release looming less than 2 weeks away, I thought it a great time to start looking ahead at my personal roadmap for Horde 4 development.

The entire Horde team has been pretty much exclusively working on resolving final roadblockers and reworking the release process these last few months. As much fun as it is getting ready for this milestone release, I'm also a bit excited about being able to get back to some projects that have been patiently taking the back seat while the initial Horde 4 release was being prepared.

Some things I'm excited to get back to in the months ahead:

Ansel, the Horde photo gallery application, needs some significant changes to keep up with the recent changes in the Horde_Share library. These *must* be done before Ansel can be released with the next Horde 4 release, so this is likely to be where I focus on immediatley following the release. Additionally, Ansel needs to move away from the Google Maps based geolocation features, and use the new Horde_Map functionality in Horde 4. This would provide the ability to use any number of different mapping backends while changing nothing but a configuration setting. I might even make this a per-gallery setting, so pictures taken while hiking could, theoretically, be placed on a hiking trail maps, while pictures taken while sight seeing could be placed on a traditional map for instance. I'll also hopefully finally get to some of the dozen or so enhancements requests waiting on our ticket tracker!

Hermes is getting an Ajax AND mobile interface (partially sponsored by Alkaloid Networks - thanks Ben!), and I'm pretty excited about working on this. I'd also like to expand on some of our other existing mobile interfaces, like Kronolith and Nag. I also have a bunch of other itch-scratching to do in Nag.

I've been wanting more integration points for our Twitter and Facebook support for a while now. We already have basic clients for these two social networking services, as well as some existing integration such as a Turba driver for Facebook contacts, a TimeObjects driver for Facebook events, birthdays etc... but we really need to add things like auto posting to the user's Twitter/Facebook stream after publishing a new blog post in Jonah, or new photos have been added to an Ansel gallery.

Jonah: I'd like to finally get this application to the point where it can be released. I, along with a number of the other Horde devs, have been using Jonah to power our personal blogs since way before Horde 4 work even started, and it's about time this thing got released. Thanks to Ian Roth for contributing a number of patches on GitHub related to getting it more in-line with Horde 4 code.

Add to these a slew of existing enhancment requests, some articles that are in varoius stages of being complete, the normal bug fixes and support requests that crop up, and some personal coding projects, I'll have enough to fill up my development time for the foreseeable future. Now, all I need is a Horde_Time::create() method to find the time to do all this...