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December 5, 2011

Ansel exporter plugins available

I first wrote about my efforts to write an iPhoto export plugin for uploading images directly to Ansel from iPhoto back in November 2008. Three entire years ago. I wrote about my progress again in 2009 along with some screen shots. Since then, I've rewritten it twice and ported it to Aperture. I've been using these plugins myself as part of my workflow ever since.


Both Ansel versions 1.x and 2.x are supported by these uploaders. All metadata is retained during export, including keywords. You can create new galleries directly from the plugin, as well as browse a gallery's thumbnails so you can see what images have been previously uploaded. You may configure multiple Ansel servers as well.

I've finally gotten around to fulfilling my promise to publish a binary installer for these, so that users don't have to build them from scratch in XCode. You can now download these directly from Ansel's download page. Please keep in mind these are alpha-level releases. Feel free to report any issues you have to the ansel mailing list, or open a bug report at http://bugs.horde.org.