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July 28, 2008

A Return to the Mac

I've always been a fan of Apple products. I love the design, the technology, the packaging. I was one of those "Mac guys", taking every opportunity to preach how Macs were better than PCs etc... However, once more and more of my paid consulting work was based on Microsoft technology, I had to stop replacing my aging machines with new Macs. The last new Mac I purchased was the blue and white "Yosemite" G3. Yea, a while ago.

These days, just about all my current development work is done in PHP. I also gave up on trying to maintain a desktop system in addition to my laptop, as it became a royal pain the ass to keep things synchronized between my machines. For at least the the last two years I've been using my XPS laptop as my primary, non-server, machine...and it's time for a new one. I've been obsessing over the MacBook Pro 17" for the last few months and now there is one in transit to my home as we speak. I've not used OS X to any extent (the G3 shipped with OS 9) so it will be an interesting journey getting used to the new os. I'm very familiar with *nix systems, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

My biggest concern, and to some extent, what I'm looking forward to the most, is finding that perfect mix of daily tools and utilities.  I plan on using VMWare Fusion to run the occasional Windows application, or for testing things in IE.  Although, I'll probably install Windows on a Boot Camp partition, just in case.

I'll continue to post my observations as I get more into the process...stay tuned!