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October 11, 2008

More Horde Fun

After a very productive Horde Board meeting last week (see Chuck's article) and the decision to really focus on getting out the next 3.3 series releases, I thought it a good time to summarize some recent work.

My primary focus lately has been on Ansel, the soon-to-be-released photo management application.  I have been busy adding some new features and cleaning up the code preparing it for release.

The latest new feature is the addition of what I call Gallery View Modes.  There are currently two modes, "Normal" mode - which is how Ansel has been displaying galleries - and the new addition, Date Mode. Date Mode lets you set a gallery to be browseable by date.  So, instead of a single gallery containing those hundred plus photos you took on your week-long vacation, you can use Date Mode and your images will automatically be sorted by date within that gallery.  Some screenshots (click for a larger image):

The dates come from either the EXIF data embedded in the image or, if that is not present, from the date the image was uploaded to Ansel. While not implemented yet, these date values will be editable in the final Ansel release.

Gallery Modes can be switched at any time.  If a gallery contains any sub-galleries in Normal Mode, they will be flattened into the parent gallery when viewing by Date. This is non-destructive so you can switch back and forth without worrying about losing your gallery structure.

A new command line script was also recently added, remote_import.php. This script allows you to upload entire local directories of images to a remote Ansel server.  You can have it create a new gallery based on the name of the folder or specify an existing gallery on the command line....and for those of you that are Macintosh users, there is a simple Applescript wrapper included that allows you to just drag and drop a folder onto the Applescript application to upload the entire folder to your Ansel server.  Plans for an iPhoto plugin are also in the works, but no promises on a time line :)

Some other additions include the ability to automatically add an EXIF field to an image's tags when uploading it,  and something I've written about before, the ability to embed images/galleries in external websites such as a personal blog. In fact, the screenshots shown here are embedded from my Ansel server - and they demonstrate another new feature, the ability to view a larger size image in a "lightbox" while remaining on the external web site.  This is really useful if you want to link to larger images from small thumbnails, but don't want your users to leave your blog page.

I've also added similar functionality to Kronolith as part of the sponsored AJAX calendar project.  It's now possible to embed views of your calendar on external websites.  The available views, for the most part, are the same views you can display on Horde's portal page. 

For more examples of these embeddable widgets, visit my blogspot sandbox at http://mrubinsk.blogspot.com.