{ Hi! I'm Mike }
I'm a core developer with The Horde Project and a founding parter of Horde LLC - the company behind the world's most flexible groupware platform. This is my personal blog full of random thoughts about development and life in general.
May 19, 2009


Following in the footsteps of Jan,  and in an effort to provide more visibility to the progress of the parts of Horde I work on, I'm going to start posting minor news and updates to my Twitter feed.  I've been resisting the whole Twitter thing since, besides the fact that I don't think anyone is really that interested in me,  I did not really see how it could be that useful.  Since signing up though, and following a few people/projects, I can see how some people could find it useful for getting quick status updates for projects they are interested in.

So, also like Jan, you won't know how many cups of coffee I have,  or how my cat's litter box smells (and trust me, you really don't want to know that), but you may find the occasional progress reports on what I'm currently working on.